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Clark Kent aka Superman has finally made his way into Fortnite following various other DC characters. Here¨s how players can get the Superman skin in Fortnite Season 7.

Superman is part of the Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass which means players will have to work a little bit to get him. Luckily, players who have an active Fortnite Crew subscription will already have access to this season¨s Battle Pass.

However, he is easier to unlock than you¨d think. Since Fortnite Season 7 features the return of the Battle Star system, players only need to earn enough stars to unlock him. The Battle Star system allows players to unlock Battle Pass items in the order that they want. While other skins can be unlocked in a timely manner, Superman is locked behind a countdown timer.

Fortnite season 7 superman skinFortnite season 7 superman skin

Players will have to wait 65 days to unlock Superman as his cosmetics can¨t be purchased until August 12. His set will still need to be purchased with Battle Stars, and players should have plenty racked up by then. However, Superman¨s full set is pretty extensive.

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As seen below, Superman¨s entire set consists of 11 different pieces. Like the Tony Stark skin, Clark Kent is the base skin players will need to unlock. Afterward, they can purchase different styles including the Superman costume. The second Superman style is called Shadow Superman.

The Superman skin in Fortnite also comes with a Back Bling and pickaxe. To top it all off, Superman has a special cape that only he can wear. This cape also acts as a glider that allows him to fly into battle. While he may look like the man of steel, he¨s still very susceptible to taking damage from bullets, laser beams, and even vehicles.

fortnite superman set - Copyfortnite superman set - Copy

Fortnite shadown superman set - CopyFortnite shadown superman set - Copy

While players have to wait until August to claim their Superman cosmetics, its exciting to see another one of DCs main heroes make it into Fortnite. With the addition of The Flash, Batman, and Aquaman, it was only a matter of time before Superman made it onto the roster.

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