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[Turrican Flashback Review]4 games to sell Outer Stars will flash back is about to land PS4 and NS

  The game “Outer Star” will be sold in the PS4 and Switch platforms in the form of a collected form.This name is “Turrican Flashback”,Contains an alien, a series of predecessors, “Outer Stars 2”, “Mega Outer Stars” and “Super Alien”.

  ”Outer Star will flash back” trailer:

  This “Outer Star will flash” is made by Factor 5’s part of the developers in the same year, Joint Ratalaika Games,The new version of the screen and the sound effect are more adjustable for modern players.Added screen filters and dynamic effects.Players can switch to the “retro” screen,Find the feeling of the year.”Outer Stars will flash back” support widescreen display and instant archive function.





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