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[top ten instant cash rummy sites]Interview: This pandemic has drastically transformed the education system, Says Beas Dev Ralhan of N

  An interview with Godrej Housing Finance CTO Jyothirlatha B

  Jun 5, 2021

  Interview: In conversation with Ankit Sharma, Director of…

  May 27, 2021

  Fundraiser Campaign

  Fundraiser CampaignFundraiser Campaign

  Mentor Manual provides detailed teaching plans that help teachers to plan their academic year. It also includes assessments, question banks, lesson plans, and more.

  Next Lab facilitates hands-on learning and provides an engaging experience to learners of all age groups using simulations, group activities, and more.

  TeachNext, our digital classroom solution is seamlessly integrated with our books. It can also be accessed from home on any device. NextAssessment comprises formative and summative assessments of learners’ progress.

  Teacher training programs for schools to help schools and teachers stay updated with our pedagogical tools.

  Moreover, the Next ecosystem has been steadily enriched with numerous solutions catering to different stakeholders belonging to the educational sphere. They are NextAssessment, NextLMS, Next ERP, LearnNext, etc.

  TechGraph: What according to you is the scope of edtech platforms like this in the Indian Marketplace?

  Beas Dev Ralhan: EdTech has opened up a plethora of options which include audiovisual content in the form of ebooks, animations, etc. To cater to all kinds of learners. Schools are increasingly adopting technology-based solutions like online classes and learning management systems to augment their education model and pedagogy.

  Moreover, flipped learning and project-based learning which incorporates EdTech tools are also being incorporated into the pedagogy. With the added benefits of this approach for both students and teachers in terms of skill development, digital proficiency, personalized learning, decision-making abilities, and time management, teachers will be able to design pedagogies that help shift the focus from rote learning to interactive learning and accomplish holistic development of students.

  TechGraph: Edtech businesses seem to have benefited from COVID-19. Why do you think that is happening?

  Beas Dev Ralhan: Education has been closely linked to classroom-based learning for all this while. However, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has drastically transformed the education system.

  Firstly, e-books and digital content provide students with the flexibility to learn at their pace and from anywhere, anytime. Secondly, online learning creates a conducive learning environment at home.

  In the current situation, online classes supported with self-study solutions are empowering students to continue their learning. Finally, e-learning platforms and digital tools foster collaborative learning among students. Teachers can leverage these tools and reinvent the pedagogy by introducing project work and peer-to-peer interaction.

  TechGraph: Do you see the current market as a zero-sum game between Next Education and your competitors or there is room for everyone to grow together?

  Beas Dev Ralhan: Evolving with the needs of the K-12 ecosystem is essential to sustain in this business segment. Hence, there is ample opportunity for edtech providers to come up with innovative products and services addressing the needs of the stakeholders.

  Keeping an organic approach towards education to make learners future-ready, it is important to seamlessly integrate content for effective learning and instruction and smart administrative solutions for improved planning and reporting. We feel education is all about the holistic development of children concerning creativity, adaptability, and critical reasoning. It is about instilling the joy of learning and a hunger for knowledge in every young mind.

  TechGraph: What are your plans around K-12 and new products and formats?

  Beas Dev Ralhan: More than a decade ago, we had envisaged a not-too-distant future when quality education would be within the reach of every child. We always dreamt of the day when quality education would no longer be the privilege of a few and our ardent desire to nurture and fulfill this aspiration keeps us motivated.

  We, at Next Education, firmly believe in imbibing all relevant 21st-century skills in today’s learners and leveraging technology along with innovative learning strategies in the products.

  Thus, working towards our vision of providing optimal solutions for all K-12 stakeholders, we are constantly working to evolve our products as per the requirements of all stakeholders by incorporating the latest technological developments. In line with our mission to be the leading edtech SaaS platform delivering personalized 21st-century learning, we have developed a world-class integrated SaaS platform, Next Learning Platform, that truly stands up to our mission and vision. This platform enables all the stakeholders to communicate and collaborate in the learning process. It offers effective and transparent management of all academic and administrative operations within the platform.

  Going forward, we plan to develop more such products that aim to revolutionize the education system by overcoming the challenges faced by each stakeholder.

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