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[naruto sexy game]5 Times Naruto Was A Role Model (& 5 He Was Just A Brat) | CBR

  Naruto matured as he grew up and received support from his friends and mentors, but he was never able to give up on his bratty side, even as an adult!

  By Sarika Mittal

  Published Apr 17, 2021


  Times Naruto Was A Role Model (& 5 He Was Just A Brat)

  Naruto grew up as an orphan, who lived his childhood without any adult?supervision?and care that was necessary for someone as young as him. He spent most of his time pranking people for attention and behaved like a complete brat just so that he could earn their acknowledgment. Sometimes, he took his pranks too far and caused a lot of problems for people, including the ones who cared about him.

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  Since it was Naruto’s dream to grow stronger as a ninja, become the Hokage one day, and get acknowledged by everyone in the village, he slowly started losing his bratty nature. He matured as he grew up and received support from his friends and mentors, who became his immediate family.?Even so, he was never able to give up on his bratty side, even as an adult!


  1 naruto painting hokage monument

  Naruto, who grew up as an outcast, used to indulge in various pranks and behaved like a brat to get attention from people. However, he took his prank too far when he defaced the Hokage mountain by scribbling all over it and throwing paint at it.

  Since the Hokage were strong shinobi who were the pride of the Hidden Leaf Village, vandalizing their sculpture was an act of outright disrespect. Naruto was finally caught by Iruka sensei, who made sure that he cleaned up the mess he had created.


  2 naruto meeting konohamru

  Konohamaru was the grandson of the 3rd Hokage and didn’t like it when people referred to him as the “Grandson of 3rd Hokage,” for he felt that it erased his identity as a person.?Naruto was the only one who didn’t care about his status as “The Honourable Grandson,” which was why Konohamaru immensely respected him and followed him everywhere.

  Naruto taught him that there were no shortcuts on the road to becoming a Hokage, and that hard work and talent went hand in hand. Konohamaru took those words to his heart and put his everything into training as hard as he could, in order to become a better Ninja than both Naruto and the 3rd Hokage.


  3 Naruto getting scolded by iruka

  Iruka sensei punished the entire class because Naruto had missed it, and made them do the Transformation Jutsu one by one as a revision for the exams.

  Naruto saw this as a chance to prank his teacher and when his turn came up, he used the sexy jutsu instead of the transformation jutsu, and the entire class of minors witnessed his nude female body. Iruka sensei was so shocked and taken aback by this jutsu that he fainted on the spot, thus embarrassing himself.

  4 naruto and inari

  After Naruto got fed up with Inari’s incessant ranting about heroes being useless, he called him out on his whiny and cowardly attitude. Although Naruto’s words hurt the little boy, when Kakashi told him about Naruto’s past, he wondered what made the young Genin keep moving forward.

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  A day later, Naruto saved Inari and his mom from some thugs, proving that he could keep them safe. After experiencing this, Inari finally broke out of his shell and realized that heroes did exist, and things wouldn’t change if he kept crying. He finally gathered the courage to take action and rallied his entire village to stand up to Gato and his thugs and became a hero himself.


  5 naruto wearing makeup for his ninja id

  A ninja registration was necessary for everyone who graduated from the Ninja Academy, as it contained the identification details and ranks of every ninja. When Naruto finally graduated from the academy, he got excited to do his ninja registration and had this?silly idea of putting on makeup for his Ninja ID picture.

  The 3rd Hokage declined his application since he looked basically like a clown, and asked him to retake the photo. However, Naruto refused to do so because he believed he looked good in the picture.

  6 naruto protecting hinata from bullies

  Hinata was a kind and shy girl who did not like to harm people, and?after Naruto saw her getting bullied for having the Byakugan, he stepped in to confront her bullies. He got beat up in the process, but he didn’t give up fighting and managed to detract the bullies.

  Hinata was instantly inspired by Naruto’s?endless determination and never-give-up attitude, and followed him around the village to observe him, in order to learn more from him. During the fight between Neji and Hinata, Naruto kept cheering her on to give her best, which again inspired her to stand up for herself and give her all in the fight.



  After Naruto graduated as a genin, he and his classmates were put in teams of 3 under a Jonin sensei for further training, and Team 7’s Sensei was Kakashi Hatake, who had a reputation for being late.

  While they waited for their sensei to show up,?Naruto decided to pull a prank on Kakashi for being late, which the latter?fell for. Team 7 couldn’t believe that their sensei fell for such a simple trap, but they didn’t realize that he only pretended to fall for it so that they would underestimate him.

  8 naruto defeating neji in chuunin exams

  Neji was a child prodigy born in the Hyuga Branch family, just like his father. Neji grew up hating the main family because?he believed that no matter how powerful he’d become, he would have to spend his life in servitude to the main family.

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  In Naruto and Neji’s fight, Neji underestimated the craftiness of Naruto and lost to him even after giving his all. After his loss, he had a moment of clarity when Naruto gave him a speech about how everyone could create their own destiny regardless of their birth, which inspired him to forge his own path.


  9 naruto pranking yamato

  Killer B took Naruto to the Genbu to train him where he confronted his shadow in the Falls of Truth and overcame it successfully. Behind the waterfalls was a hidden temple that could only be accessed by the pure of heart. Killer B asked Naruto to put his head inside the mouth of a statue to open the door and explained that if there was even a little darkness in his heart, the statue would bite his head off.

  Naruto proceeded to put his head inside and screamed, and a terrified Yamato pulled Naruto away from the statue, but all that came out was a body without a head. Yamato freaked out thinking that Naruto had died, only to discover that Naruto had hidden his head inside his clothes to prank him.

  10 naruto being there for sarada

  Sarada Uchiha grew up without meeting her father, Sasuke, and always wondered what he was like. Sarada questioned whether she was actually the daughter of her parents and, determined to find the truth about her birth, she followed Naruto on his way to meet Sasuke.

  The meeting with Sasuke did not go as planned, and Sarada got even more confused about her identity. Naruto stepped in to explain that bonds between two people were not tied in blood but were tied in moments of love, and these connections were eternal and transcended fear and distances. He emphasized his own connection with everyone in the village as a Hokage, where everyone in the village was part of his family. Inspired by his words and actions, Sarada made it her goal to become Hokage one day.

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